Group Fitness Music

Picking the Right Music for Your Fitness Class


Fitness instructors are on the lookout fun and advanced course formats for their students. If you are a fitness instructor, there are a variety of music choices you can pick to spice up your class and make people keep coming back. Below are a few suggestions of group fitness music that will place a little show business and bring a party atmosphere to the class.


Latin Cardio - Use your experience in salsa, merengue, cha-cha, bachata and other Latin rhythms to make an aerobic exercise using latin group fitness music. Start looking for music CD's which have compilations of music collections made for workouts. Put the students in pairs so that they can dance together. Utilize celebration decorations or bring maracas to your class for the students to use.


Cardio Swing - This is like the latin cardio except that you'd use a choice of swing songs. Utilize swing measures, Charleston kicks, together with triple steps in your choreography. Music for fitness class should be able to cater to the class' demographics so that no one feels felt out during class.


Decade themes - Use audio from the 50's, 70's or even 80's. Making the class dress up according to the decade themes will make the class even more interesting.  You can easily find themed fitness music CDs which have been specifically made for an aerobics work out class. Make it enjoyable with party decorations like a disco ball to the theme of your 70.


Country-Line - Teach two or three country-line dances and then have the class practice them severally to get the dance moves. It is simple to learn them or get video clips on the internet if you're not acquainted with any line dances. Have the class wear jeans and boots and bring cowboy hats.For additional facts and information about Music For Fitness, you can go to


Broadway Style - Select a favourite song in the Broadway show and choreography some measures to it. Teach the class the moves till the song has been learned.  Have them perform the dance after the class to make the moves stick. Bring any accessories which may make the class fun. You can bring some feather boas.


Hip-Hop - Choreograph a hip routine and subsequently break down the measures. At the end of the class, the routine will be known by your students. Have them bring hats to look the part.


Bollywood or Bellydance- If you understand something about dancing from India you can integrate this design into a course format. There is a lot of license free fitness music on the internet for Bollywood and belly dancing which could help you learn the moves. Hand stylish scarves out to use to make it entertaining.


These are a few creative and fun ways. With these thoughts, you'll be able to produce your course an occasion instead of a typical workout, click here to get started!